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Physical & Virtual Workshops at LFCS

The school has always believed in a strong vision & structured Mission for strengthening the foundations.

This practice is to ensure & take part in the holistic development of the students along with its staff and faculty Members adhering a clear purpose.

Walking on the tracks of this strategy monthly sessions are scheduled for:

  1. Grooming ( Personality)
  2. Academic ( Subjective, Learning & class management )
  3. Skill development ( Language, Parent Handling)
  4. Value& Integrity ( soft skill trainings towards dedication, punctuality, respecting rules, honouring team mates & exhibiting the right attitude outside the premises)
  5. Rules and Regulation ( Induction , Organizational Etiquettes along with formal Behaviour & Admission Counselling)
  6. Leadership Workshops are held at the Head Office premises.
  • These skill-based workshops prepare & build personalities & make them ready as per the requirement, circumstantial need & as per the Organizational space that is persisting.
  • Language Sessions were a part of these Workshops which enhance speaking, accent, vocabulary, flow of lingo and presentation style necessary component of a strong personality.
  • The workshops are scheduled to strengthen the communication, articulation along with elocution of the receivers. They are presented with various activities &self-indulging task along with case studies to enforce participation & learning for the participants.
  • All the workshops have a common motive to augment & supplement to self –reliance, correct attitude along with acceptable behaviour for the Education Industry.
  • The Workshops are treated as basic structure and tools for integrated learning for staff as well as the students, to prepare them as effective educators and proactive learners.