• Child Centric Teaching Methodology
    • Evolving
    • Interactive
    • Innovative
    • Experiential
  • We in LFCS rigorously observe a multidimensional approach to academics. This liberates us from following the traditional methods of education and utilizes a creative and innovative approach to learning. We, across disciplines, follow immersive techniques that constantly stretch the limits of the inventiveness of students, as they are experimenting and research new information with each project and session. Besides, honing their critical thinking abilities as they prototype the solutions to each situation, the students develop their problem-solving skills with hands-on experiential learning methodology.
  • We always keep in mind that every method we use and each lesson we teach must revolve around child-centrism, hence the technique we use is both interactive and experiential.
  • In LFCS, we realize that a single approach to learning cannot be suitable for every child. Hence, our teaching mix is diverse with the latest innovative approach based on recent studies happening globally. With times, our methodologies have also evolved. Our teaching faculty hence use the best amalgamation of various approaches as per the individual learning style of each student and offer individual attention to every child’s needs.
  • Teachers and counsellors here act as supporters and facilitators to guide students in their learning process using activities such as – Audio-visual aids, projects, interactions, presentations, and other such creative activities.
  • So, overall the task of our faculty remains creating awareness in the students and provides them with experiences which they can use in the real-life situations later in life.

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