Quick Campus

  • We at LFCS is a strong believer of compassionate and supportive activities which inculcate a feeling of genuinely care for each other. It is a place where students are continuously challenged to grow and achieve things they never thought they can achieve alone.
  • Our campus and environment inside the school is the hallmark of global, open and diverse community culture. We ensure bonding among school children, uniform dress code, honour of rules and culture, and daily prayer meetings and assembly. Values and traits, like curiosity, generosity, EQ (Emotional Quotient), listening, empathy, kindness, compassion, respect, mutual tolerance, and respect are what we truly believe in and strive to inculcate in students. The School Campus is beautiful with acres of green campus area with explicit aura, grounds and fully equipped fields an playground. Along with fully-equipped outdoor playground area, the entire campus is Wi-FI enabled to support the digital inclination of our teaching-learning environment. We support a playful learning environment, hence it is a completely safe and secured area. Our campus also supports facilities such as – cafeterias, libraries, science labs, art rooms, medical rooms, and conducive digital labs and ICT enabled classrooms.
  • Take a tour to our School Campus:

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