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Facilities & Infrastructure

  • At LFCS, we are dedicated to providing conducive environment and ergonomic infrastructure to the students to promote their learning and motivation. The school facilities encompasses the perfect blend of spacious and comfortable seating, building types, outdoor spaces and core infrastructure.
  • We believe in creating infrastructures that are aligned with the core values of the school, which enhance the students’ learning capacity and efficiency to the maximum levels. Out facilities are purposely designed to stimulate the senses, maintain their energy levels, well-lighted and foster collaboration and inspire creativity.
  • We are dedicated here, to enhance the creativity and hence believe in maximizing the ability of the physical environment to support the purpose of various programs and projects, at the same time preserving the unique features of the LFCS.
  • The facilities management at LFCS is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable, clean, hygienic, healthy and effective school campus. We have divided our staff into various service groups, each of committed to pursue prompt, courteous and amicable services to the students and teachers.
  • School Infrastructure & Facilities Comprises:
    • Spacious, ergonomic & well-ventilated classrooms
    • Libraries & Digital Labs
    • Playgrounds (Outdoor & Indoor)
    • Well-equipped labs
    • Well-furnished classrooms& basic utilities such as water, electricity, sanitation, etc.
    • Games equipments & gadgets
    • Assembly & prayer zones
Medical facilities:
  • At LFCS, we prioritize the health and well-being of students. Healthy body and mind are essential for overall development and academic success. We provide comprehensive medical facilities for students.
  • Medical facilities are staffed by experienced and qualified healthcare professionals, who are dedicated to promoting the health of students. Medical room is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to handle any medical emergencies or health concerns that may arise during school hours. Qualified nurse is available to attend to students' medical needs, ensuring their safety and providing immediate assistance whenever required. We provide the following services to our students during school hours:
    • Regular Physical Health Check-up
    • Online doctor Medical Consultations
    • Specialist Doctors – (These doctors include general physicians, dieticians, eye specialists, dentists, and child psychologists).
    • Stress Screening Test
    • Educational Sessions and Health Webinars
    • Health Report Card
  • LFCS is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for students. Medical facilities and services reflect this commitment, providing a foundation for optimal physical and mental well-being. We take pride in nurturing not only the academic growth but also the holistic development of our students.