School Clubs

LFCS has induced proactive clubs( as per the CBSE requirement) with very enriching activities for the students.

  1. Eco Club – – with the awareness towards Environment, Eco Club works on activities like E-Waste drive, Calculating Carbon Footprints, Green living Quizzes and creating My Vertical Garden with the students.
  2. Integrity Club – The club focused on the integral part of Virtues, Morals, and Mannerism.

    Students are prepared to take part in activities like Truthfulness, Pride, Keeping Promises, and Finding the Right Balance of life through storytelling sessions, Role-plays, and live exampled theories.

  3. Heritage Club – Strengthening the bond, culture &colours of our Country’s pride, Monuments, Folk foods, Music, Dances, Culture along with Living lifestyles of different states recalled as well as rebuilt.

    The vibes of Unity in Diversity is imbibed through theory; practical, visual, reasoning and perspective understanding in the learning of our students.

    Students participate in various activities to exhibit the excitement revealing their interest and gladness towards the same

    • Conservation at Home and at School
    • Cotton Fabric of India
    • Discussion on World’s Heritage Site
    • Making of Films on Culture & Heritage
  4. Reading Club – Enhancing the skill to understand letters, words, sounds, pronunciations, accent, pitch, tone, and voice modulations students are encouraged to be a significant part of this club.

    They learn and exhibit knowledge through vivid activity participation, i.e.

    • A Book a Minute
    • Anagrams
    • Growth Mind-Set
    • Homonym Phrases
  5. Health and Wellness Club – The club, as the name suggested, was developed to take care of the emotional, psychological, cognitive and biological needs of the students. They are inculcated in activities which revolved around mind, body, and soul.
    • Understanding the Virus around us
    • Mindfulness
    • Best Buddy Breathing
    • Self-Reflection.

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