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About us

  • Located at the heart of the of the millennium city – Gurgaon, the school is recognized across Delhi-NCR for providing Supreme-Quality Academics and inculcating strong values in the students.
  • Since past two decades, we are striving towards creating a tradition of sustained excellence which is build upon a foundation of strive for continuous improvement and lifelong learning, setting new standards every day for others to emulate.
  • Our vision reflects what we hope to achieve as a school community and for our students, which is strictly to help students become moral, ethical, and successful human beings.
  • Our Motto: ‘Light thy Soul’ – Truly describes what we believe in:
  • Open the soul, O man, to the cosmic and let it flow in as one with thy soul. Light is eternal and darkness is fleeting.
  • Seek ye ever, O man, for the light know ye that ever as light fill thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear.
  • [Emerald Tablet VII :The Seven Lords]
  • Thoth
  • Our primary value system is of creating strong academic skills along with building our students’ strong ethical values, i.e. integrity, respect, discipline, and secularism. Potent values with the clarity of thought, futuristic vision, decision-making ability, and morality is what makes our champions and best human-beings. Our students are champions in every sphere of life, starting from arts, music, sports to Olympiads and quizzes.
  • See the A to Z of our endeavour to make our students reach excellence. CLICK HERE
  • In our effort to ensure ‘success & ethics for every pupil’ along with high level of moral values, we have implemented a viable and prolific curriculum, which meets the swiftly evolving needs of the students on this digital era.
  • Our constant and unbiased scrutiny to fetch the evidence of their learning, we create situational projects and problems to challenge their learned knowledge in actual life processes. We prioritize on active engagement methods and reflective problem-solving procedures. We, in this manner, help them gain confidence, discover and realize their hidden talents, develop skills.
  • Our Core Values is based on Equality, Equity & Inclusivity.
  • We believe that every student is a valued individual. And understand that learning in conducive, safe and inclusive space where they are taught to understand the worth of their own existence in relation to others create better global perspectives and brotherhood, most of all creation of broader mindset which helps in maintaining our values of removing culture, status, caste, and ethnic barriers. We are relentless in removing all barriers and creating full equity, equality, and inclusivity in every aspect of academics and co-curricular program.