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School House

At LFCS, The Houses are designed to embody core values and ethos of the school and society at large, as we aim to make students aware that school in an integral part of the entire community.

In time, it is our objective that the students within a house will work together along with the captains and council members in creating a collaborative environment which promote individual talents and group efforts. It will go beyond motivating students and further the community spirit of our LFCS school.

Our objective is to provide every student with the following qualities:
  • A sense of community building and belongingness to each other.
  • Platform to develop social, intellectual and practical life skills.
  • Healthy competition and sense of achievement.
  • Opportunities for leadership.
  • Creation of awareness of individual duties and collective efforts.
The House System @ LFCS

The School is divided into four houses namely:

  1. Skylark
  2. Kingfisher
  3. Magpie
  4. Nightingale

Each house is under the charge of a House Mistress. House Captains and Prefects help the House Mistress in efficient running of the house. The students are trained in shouldering responsibility through the monitorial system.

The house prefects are expected to carry out routine administration of their house.

A healthy spirit of competition is encouraged amongst the house by arranging various Inter House competition for which team trophies and individual prizes are awarded one of the main objectives of the house system is to inculcate the pupils a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity a sense of team spirit and to encourage healthy competition.

Each house has a different house dress and children of the respective house should wear the house dress on every Wednesday & Saturday.