Life at LFCS

  • Great schools cannot exist without great groups of kids, and the diversity of those kids is what makes their schools so great.
  • Every adult and child is enriched by just being part of our school," Every child and every teacher has the special privilege of meeting, talking to, learning with, and sharing insight with children and their families
  • We are a school that lives and learns together in our own world of experiences like the rest of the world should live — with joy, understanding, and delight in what each of us offers each other."
  • Our school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together," The Lady Florence Convent School community respects each other, supports each other, and helps each other to succeed."
  • Our classrooms are bright, colourful, furnished with tables and chairs that provide children with a variety of opportunities to learn, to work together as a team – – a community in which each has responsibilities, rather than experiential lessons are conducted by teachers.
  • Children are referred to as readers" or writers" or scientists" rather than students. At the end of the day, children celebrate by spending quality time reflecting with their teacher on what they have learned about a topic or what they have learned about themselves as readers or writers. Our mission is Learning Together for a Very Bright Future Every Single Day, and we all enthusiastically work together to create a productive, positive, and rewarding atmosphere in which our students will learn and grow. We work hard to create lasting memories through quality learning experiences and special events."
  • The parents, visitors and educationalist believe that there is much hope and positive atmosphere here." That doesn’t happen by accident. Our students and staff are a community of learners, and community is the heart of what we each strive to establish,"
  • Developing that sense of community begins each morning as children enter the building, . They are greeted by staff members who are truly glad to see them —  and tell them so."
  • They make an effort each day to make each other’s day." The philosophy has also made its way into classrooms, where children being rewarded for their random acts of kindness, good attitudes, and positive work ethics.
  • Our schools community environment is a framework that gives staff and students support and direction.
  • Special programs, whether school-wide or targeted at specific student populations, create learning opportunities for students.
  • Every classroom in our building is fortunate to have a SMART Board, appropriate well designed furniture, right amount of light and ventilation, green boards for written task, comfortable spacing for enriching activities and smart connectivity to labs and Libraries.
  • Not only do we have this great equipment," its use is supported through on-going teacher in-service that enables teachers to use the technology to enhance the instructional process and encourage inquiry-based learning."
  • It’s AAA — Academics, Athletics, and the Arts — emphasis has helped the school acquire a positive reputation in the community. Programs that reach all levels of students, and free tutoring and academic assistance for all, help enhance that reputation. Then there is the fact that the school has been around for such a long time: that means there are lots of great traditions at the school that help make it a special place to learn and work.

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