Administrative Staff – The backbone of the whole School

  • Administrative Staff in our school is the backbone for the smooth functioning of the entire operations. Starting from providing clerical and secretarial duties to wide range of other support that they provide cannot be overlooked.
  • Some of the pertinent activities are:
    • Supporting Special Children
    • Maintaining records
    • Letters Drafting
    • Handling Queries and responding to parents
    • Taking are of overall needs of the students.
    • ICT labs and specialist technical roles.
    • Support at the playgrounds to activity rooms.
    • Students are not allowed to bring their personal books into the library.
  • and many other such function make the work of officials extremely easy and manageable.
  • Our Exam officers provide support with exam entries, organising timetables, oversee exams and process the results.
  • Specialists and technical staff and counselors are helpful in providing valuable resources to support teaching and learning processes.
  • List of Administrative Officials:

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