Summers the time of reunion and rejuvenation

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June is the setting of our boredom, when idyllic summers will be spent making unforgettable memories.

Family Reunion Month is every year in June. It isn’t surprising that June is chosen because the weather is slightly bearable, the kids are out of school, and families are ablest to get together during this time. Families are split apart and live all over the country. Each person in your immediate family might live in a different location. Because of that, it is so important for you and your family to come together once a year for a great big get together. Family is so important, and Family Reunion Month is here as a reminder to visit!

Family reunions , as individuals and families we all love them, no one hates them, there might be some who may avoid them for certain reasons because of extra job hours, community services, volunteering to social causes or home coziness’s but it has grown an evident phase during the years to go out and meet families for the yearly reunions. Family reunions play a vital role in strengthening families. They are designed to establish healthy family relationships by providing opportunities for family members to connect/reconnect, reminisce, share family history stories, create new memories, and add meaning to life all while having fun.

Reunions start way ahead in the thoughts and pick their solitaire structure by the starting of the month. Packing bags, reservations, calling the relatives, adorable reminders, making the dream trip planning’s, and loads of dreams in the eyes and exhilaration in the heart makes the process more affirmative and stimulating. The things to do and the things to achieve to capture the beautiful memories is a strong part of the Summer Reunion project along with that, health and mental wellbeing needs a rejuvenation start too.

Ready, Set, Go! Start with a Checklist

The best-planned events start with a checklist. Here’s one to get you started.

  • Open a Facebook page and invite family to join
  • Solicit planners and volunteers 
  • Set a date
  • Secure a location — backyard, park, party center
  • Collect mail and email addresses
  • Contact lodging options for availability
  • Plan the main meal— potluck. 
  • Cover the costs  —
  • Send “save the date” cards or emails 
  • Assign coordinators for food, games, activities
  • Schedule activities for the day or weekend
  • Order T-shirts, hats, etc.
  • Mail/email final invitations with schedule, lodging information, directions, details
  • Confirm lodging and dining arrangements
  • Gather dining products, chairs, tables, grills and other items
  • Buy name tags and decorations
  • Set up the event
  • At the reunion, gather information for next year
  • Post photos to social media
  • Start planning for the next reunion
Sometimes it can be hard to avoid letting our mood and behavior mirror the seasonal shift. But you don’t have to succumb to a steady slide into winter. Get a head start on those New Year’s resolutions by forming new healthy habits now. Here are four ways you can get fall off on the right track, let’s dive into the laps of the courtesy of our Summer School think tank & get going with the precious pearls for your fun tuxedo

Wake Up! Get the Right Amount of Sleep

After summer’s leisurely pace, the ramp up of ascending responsibilities can make you feel like you’re scrambling to keep up under the plunging force of enthusiasm, competing priorities at school and work, family commitments, and other activities easily eat away the hours in any given day hence making you more sluggish & gloomy. Many of us sacrifice sleep in favor of getting things done. But you are cutting out a key contributor to your health and success. According to health wizards, sleep improves your immune function, metabolism, memory, and learning capabilities—basically all the ingredients needed to be superhuman. But for many motivated and high-achieving people, those 6 to 8 hours consistently elude them. Here are a variety of tips to help you get in the habit of catching the optimal amount of z’s. A few of our favorites include scheduling sleep as if it were an appointment, painting your bedroom walls a tranquil color, minding what you eat before bedtime, or even reading your best words with loads of dreams to catch.

Soak Up the Sunshine & Save the Skin

You may be lamenting the longer days, but there is still ample opportunity to capture some soothing morning sun rays—and its benefits, especially when the sun is beautifully meek to penetrate your skin in devastating manner, like the burns, boils, rashes, burning eyes, volcanic sweats and dry patchy skins. On soothing morning / evening sunny days, taking regular walks outside helps increase your production of vitamin D, which keeps your bones strong and healthy, promotes weight loss, and serves as an instant mood booster when seasonal affective disorder kicks in. Too little exposure to the sun can also increase the risk of developing cancers of lymph nodes, skin and folds. Consider talking to your doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement, or eat more foods rich with vitamin D, like fish and orange juice in case of your persistent towards the unseeing of summer’s dominating sun. You can also invest in a sun therapy lamp during the fall and winter months to nourish your skin & underlying tissues. Turn it on, close your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, and be instantly transported back to summer, no matter how harsh they might be yet significant for the nourishment and vitality of our external and internal organs.

Think More Activity, Less Exercise

It’s OK to be skeptical of anyone who claims to love exercise. Anyone willing to admit that sweating excessively and breathing heavily is a euphoric experience cannot be trusted. However, just like quality sleep and good nutrition, exercise is essential to your overall health and well-being. By simply being active, you can burn enough calories to stay in shape. Take to the outdoors for a workout or long hike. Volunteer for a local charity and ask for the job that requires the most movement. Such alternatives to the gym come with built-in motivations. After all, many organizations encourage generous efforts of their employees, and outdoor activities can include family or friends. You can quickly pick up the habit if you are doing something that you love. We hope you get off on the right foot this fall and pick up some healthy habits.

Build the ultimate social—global!—network

This is the perfect moments to get on your heels and grab all the essentials to lift spirits and roll in the dice of social and global associations fairly extending the ultimate network Let small happenings and incidents stream up diverse emotions into our vlogs and blogs that cloud the surface of online windows of relationships and networking. Let every phase of momentum help us in building and securing close associations for our growth and survival. Stay intact and do not lose sight of opportunities which can help you win some smiles. Burst out into song Sing out loud, sometimes it just heals and heads up to great refreshment. Pick up a beat and get going putting together the chorus, lyrics and the high tones. Let the moods be shuffled with the sway of shadows, doodling foot taps & souls submerged into moonlit nights with great tranquility to the psyche & to the hearts!

Add ‘volunteer’ to your list of accomplishments

Many of us just walk in to lend a helping hand with earnest desires to support and surrender to the earthly needs which in turn pays off great benefits of satisfaction and contentment. It’s always easy to be called for tasks you would not consider worthy but it would be appreciable if you walk the trails with your heart on to the errands till accomplishments Let’s volunteer to make this summer memorable! Chores which represent diluting the summer heats with knowledge campaigns, community services and neighborhood pending responsibilities pedaling them to great starts & successful accomplishments. Wish upon a star Summers set a trend towards dreaming and plucking unusual imaginations to soothen the anxious and fiery emotions. Let’s search our shooting Star to hold near to our heart and wish something which comes as a Rainbow to our summer wreaking moments. Make wishes which take you to higher plains of ecstasy where looking deep down the Mystery Rivers is a buzz, watching the mountains runaway, catch the hurricanes of excitements of snow-clad valley’s and raft through the patchy paths of rivers and cascades. Wishes have wings, spread them to explore and experience more.

Traverse the same paths as many storied people—and pave your own

Let’s be a story teller, each path has explicit faces which speaks of enormous tales of vivid emotions. Every individual explains them in their own tone and express the niche with colossal expressions which suits their contentment to heart and hearing Let us build some stories of our own visits and keep them intact for ages to be restored & revived into new flairs.

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