Stay Home, Stay Safe – Keep the Doors of Learning Open!

July 27, 2020 10:13 am Published by Leave your thoughts
It has been months since the educational institutions across the world are completely closed to contain the spread of corona virus, after the World Health Organization [WHO] declared the corona virus outbreak a pandemic. This widespread restriction has resulted in the home-schooling of millions of students across the globe. Schools in India have been working in collaboration with the parents and Educational Boards amid the COVID-19 crisis in creating a comprehensive Online Infrastructure for the effective remote learning of the students.

The Lady Florence Convent School has been one of the pioneers in implementing various e-Learning platforms to deliver impressive Virtual Instructor-led Live Interactive classes and providing relevant e-Content access to the students. These online platforms are serving both students and teachers to interact better and deliver effective learning. As the world is facing one of the most critical times, and everyone is fighting shoulder to shoulder in combatting the spread of the virus, we, at LFCS, one of the leading schools in Gurgaon, urges everyone to stay home and stay safe, but keep the learning process on.

We Switched to Online/Web-based Learning Methodologies

When everything is at a standstill, in the light of the prevailing situation and a wide array of public and private services are suspended nationwide, we kept our ‘Mission’ going with innovative learning methodologies and digital learning techniques. We focused on various ways to continue teaching our students remotely.

LFCS understands the significance of education in the ‘cognitive’ and ‘effective’ development of our students and recognises the drawbacks and ill effects of prolonged lack of quality instruction on the students’ overall learning and development process. Therefore, we kept the momentum and strived hard until we achieved success in creating a comprehensive digital infrastructure for effective remote teaching.

Our rigorous experimentation with various tools and techniques, which began in the month of March after the lockdown, into various remote teaching tools and platforms, finally resulted in finding out effective online lessons based on active learning approaches and to offer our learners with effective support and guidance for their online learning of the curriculum.

We can now happily state that we are effectively providing our students with all core classes which are pertinent in the curriculum. And a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular classes such as art, craft, music, and many more are also incorporated stupendously.

Using Microsoft Team for Better Digital Engagements

We are currently using Microsoft Teams to ensure effective remote learning for our students. It is a renowned digital hub that brings content, assignments, conversations, and apps together in one platform. It encourages teachers and educators to create an engaging, vibrant, and effective learning environment. It is known for building collaborative classrooms where no one feels out of touch.

Students with the ‘Microsoft Teams’ platform for online classes feel that they have an even clearer voice and feel more connected to their teachers and peers, the way they did in the physical classroom. And just like in the physical classroom, teachers can use various apps and tools and other functions of Teams to support how they work best.

Our online platform is available for desktop [Windows, Mac, and Linux], web, and mobile both Android and iOS making sure all the staff and students can stay connected.

The world is facing the toughest trying times in the history of the post-modern era. However, together, we have the power and strength available to combat the situation. We, at LFCS, positioned among the best schools in Gurgaon, urge each and every one of you – parents, teachers, and our sincere students to stay home and abide by the recommendations by Health authorities while keeping the up the learning spirits high!

LFCS wishes a rapid recovery of the nation and the world at large and requests everyone to show solidarity in fighting COVID-19.

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