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  • Located at the heart of the of the millennium city – Gurgaon, the school is recognized across Delhi-NCR for providing Supreme-Quality Academics and inculcating strong values in the students. Since past two decades, we are attempting towards creating a tradition of sustained excellence which is built upon a foundation of trying for continuous improvement and lifelong learning, setting new standards every day for others to imitate. Our vision reflects what we hope to achieve as a school community and for our students, which is strictly to help students become moral, ethical, and successful human beings.
We aim to boost non-cognitive traits of our students by indulging them in sports specialization and arts-culture, in order to develop their physical, social, emotional, and motor skills.

From The Principal’s Pen

Principal Nidhi Bhalla

  • Welcome to LFCS!
  • At LFCS, we always put our best efforts to provide quality education to all our students. We forge ahead to realise our school vision of developing our students to be future ready for a constantly changing world. We make them forward looking and provide holistic education, in close collaborations with our parents and dedicated staff.
  • To encourage students of LFCS, to learn for life, we guide all students to set life goals and work towards their aspiration targets through a personalised education and career plan. To nurture self-confident students, we adopt positive education and set a growth mindset in our student development. To develop self-directed learners, we leverage ICT-enabled learning and flipped learning. To produce problem identifiers and solvers, we develop collaborative problem- solving and critical thinking learning.
  • At LFCS, we are optimistic; we look forward to a good year ahead and embrace all the challenges with confidence, steadfastness and fortitude. As an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty but a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. There is a “North Star” in each one of us.
  • Best wishes to all of you!!