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Motto & Vision

Our Vision:

  • Our Vision reflects our hope to achieve the best results, as a school community, in creating future leaders who are moral, just, ethical, and successful.

Our Motto:

  • ‘Light thy Soul’ – We truly believe and stand by our motto.
  • Open the soul, O man, to the cosmic and let it flow in as one with thy soul. Light is eternal and darkness is fleeting.
  • Seek ye ever, O man, for the light know ye that ever as Light fill thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear.
  • OUR CORE VALUE SYSTEM primarily focusses on creating strong academic skills of the students besides developing robust ethical values, such as – Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Secularism. We believe in building the strong character of our students with clarity into their thought process, strong decision-making ability, futuristic vision, and morality. So that our students excel in every sphere of life ranging from arts, music, sports, debates, quizzes, and academics, after completing their tenure with us and stand-out as champions in the tests of life.