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  • LFCS is highly committed to providing approved and recognized academic education to students to make them competitive and successful for their future. Our curriculum is at par with the global education pattern, besides being perfectly aligned with the National Education Policy outline prevailing nationwide. We are known to keeping-up with the changing trends in the education system and follow National Education Policy 2020. With us, our students get a perfect amalgamation of traditional subjects and integration with new digital methods of lectures and interactive tools which are most popular among the young learners at present.
  • The difference lies in providing a curriculum rich in experiential, project-based, entrepreneurial, and creative functions, imparting a holistic education framework for the students to expand their horizons.
  • Newer technology aids to supplement teaching methods are the cornerstone of our curriculum. Besides, we impart our students with a sense of global citizenship and a sense of environmental responsibility, with the help of various innovative sustainability awareness programs and learnings. We provide our students with a 360-degree learning approach, with our unique education methodologies that make them not only literate but well-educated human-being, with subject-specific expertise and overall awareness of the planet and global structure.