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Beyond Academics

  • LFCS is one of the most prestigious schools in Sohna, Gurgaon that go beyond academics and impart holistic education and caters to students’ signature strengths. We support students in bringing out their hidden talents including – sports, crafts, music, drama, arts, and so forth. We give co-curricular activities as much importance as academics to enhance their creative faculties. Our teaching and other support members go beyond academics and provide unique knowledge that allows students to attain skill-based goals in several areas. We truly believe that overall skills development is of utmost importance and essential in preparing students for life.
  • Our school believes that co-curricular activities ensure the holistic growth and development of students. Co-curricular activities impart tremendous strength to the mental and creative faculties of a child and improves their analytical thinking, enhance their competitive spirit, increase communication abilities, impart values, leadership skills, enhance team spirit besides encouraging them to adopt certain skills that they can pursue in their life for happiness.
  • With LFCS students get innumerous co-curricular opportunities including – child-centric curriculum, unique ‘House-culture’, quizzes, dance, and singing competitions, drawing and art competitions, inter-school tournaments, community service projects, inter-houses competitions and many more. With all these features we aim to provide our students with complex skills in- uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity, and complexity, that would prepare them for life, to win the world that lies ahead of them.
  • We firmly believe in providing students with a platform to achieve wholesome education, rich in co-curricular activities, to equip them with skills that make them street-smart and successful adults together with impeccable academics.